Dating at Work? Relationship Tips for a Happy Workplace - 5 Things to Avoid, 5 Things to Do

Have you ever felt a personal interest in someone at work? Have you wondered if it is OK to date a coworker? Have you ever crossed the line and dated someone at your office or know someone else who did? Then this article could be for you!

Most companies have strict policies about work relationships, and support employees maintaining professional relationships that do not include dating or sexual relations because of legal reasons and because of potential loss of productivity or employees if there is an ugly breakup!

Here are some tips about relationships to keep in mind if you want to enjoy your work relationships and stay out of trouble at work.

5 Things to avoid:

1. Avoid "Happy Hour Hookups". Coworkers sometimes go out for drinks together after work. While it is OK to socialize, some people have one-too many drinks and end up going home with someone from work. This is not a good idea, and can definitely cost you later.

2. Avoid dating coworkers, bosses or people who report to you. There are too many risks to you, legally and professionally. The rumors at work alone are enough to ruin your job or your credibility at work.

3. Avoid gossiping about others. People feed on it, it's not nice, and it makes you seem petty. If you are building teams or trying for a promotion, it may be a deal-breaker.

4. Avoid insulting or making fun of others. Although people make fun of themselves, it is not a good idea to tease your coworkers. What is funny to you may be rude and insulting to them.

5. Avoid flirting making sexual comments or jokes with coworkers. You can be sued for harassment. Plus, it makes others uncomfortable and is not polite. If others flirt or make comments to you, then ask them to stop. If they don't stop, you can report them to a supervisor.

Things to do:

1. Socialize appropriately. Get involved in fundraisers and community events. A charity golf tournament is a great way to get to know your coworkers while helping a good cause in the community.

2. Be clear about your boundaries. Remember that what you do today will be remembered tomorrow and the next day. Stick to your own personal limits about what you will and won't participate in. Express your limits to others as needed.

3. Choose your work friends wisely. Get to know people over time rather than jumping in with the "crowd" at work. Remember, you are being paid to do a job at your workplace, so don't socialize excessively during work hours.

4. Use proper channels of communication: Be aware of your company's protocol about e-mail, hallway conversations, and be careful not to breech any privacy laws or rules that compromise you, your employer, or your clients in any way.

5. Do date and go out, just with people other than those you work with. Find clubs or activities to join in your community.

I hope that these success tips are helpful to promoting your health and happiness while you are on the clock, and off.