Relationship Tips For Men - Dating Someone You Don't Like?

That title is kind of tricky so let me explain. If you go on a date, obviously it's because you think there may be at least a chance that the date will work out. There must be a chance of hope or why even bother with the date? But what happens when you are out on a date and you realize that it's not going to work with this person, then what? If you have come to the conclusion that you want out, you need to have a strategy on how to get out respectfully. This is to protect the other person's feelings as well as help protect you from looking like a jerk.

If you don't want to stay out on the date, you can always end the date by saying you have a meeting, appointment or something like that. This will only work if your date is during the daytime, like say a lunch date. Your date may not believe you, but they will understand what you are hinting at.

If you aren't interested then it's a good idea to tell them that you had a nice time but you aren't feeling that there's compatibility. Going home after the date and thinking about how it was such a bad match is just one side of the coin. For you it may be over, but if the other person is sitting waiting for you to call and they are thinking about you every 5 minutes. Well it's sad for them, so be nice and if you aren't interested, try to let them down softly.

Keep things relaxed and casual and if you feel they are less interested than you, then try not to feel stressed. You never now how things will end up so just be a nice and enjoyable person and let things happen. A tip for dating is to watch the other person's behavior near the end of the date. Guys, if the woman insists on paying half on the bill it may not be because she wants to be nice. Things like this are often signs; she is telling you that she wants to end the night. If she wants to do this, it's best to just accept it as there is no use fighting it. On the other hand, if you make the move to pay and she doesn't resist then it's a positive sign, a sign that she is most likely interested in seeing you more in the future.