Relationship Tips For You

Starting a relationship is usually the easy part.

But maintaining the connection could get a bit tricky! Yeah, otherwise, you won't be reading this page, looking for tips on your love life.

Well, let's start with first tip, as you know, couples develop a particular dynamic pattern. It's the way they relate to each other that repeats itself over and over. And this is the best part, you break that pattern and act against your character, in a positive way off course, you'll bring new life into your relationship.

Simple example, if you always get angry at your guy when he doesn't follow through on some task, tries addressing him in a nicer tone, then thank him when he does a good work. It works like a charm every time.

So our first tip is acted out differently! You got the point? Let's continue!

Acting as a friend with your man is only look great in theory. But in reality, that kind of relationship can wipe out your sex life. It's not a roommate like bond that you're going to after, right? But a hot relationship between your man!

You see, if you keep doing the best friend act, you'll lose track of the masculine-feminine tension that thrilled you at the beginning of your relationship. Save the best friend sessions when you hang out with your girlfriends! Put your sexy energy for relating with your guy.

So our second tip is, don't be best friend forever with your guy!

Put simple acts like caressing his arm while you're watching TV, or maybe taking his hand when walking down the street, or fondling his thigh during dinner. These simple acts are also ways to tie in. Touching your partner all through the day will definitely set off your feel-good hormones! Yeah, these simple acts will strengthen your affection and make you feel closer on a natural level. And our last tip is getting in touch a lot with your guy!

There you go, a few tips to bond deeper with your man.