Nine Aquarius Relationship Tips For Having a Heart Orgasm

Aquarius energy has one purpose, to bring about freedom. Its energy, scientific reasoning which has been used for so many inventions, has definitely given us freedom in one of the most important areas of our life - time. It is hard to remember that not many years ago, an entire day could be spent in preparing meals, cooking food for hours plus the clean up, leaving little time to be with our children. Now, if we choose, we can cook the same meals in minutes, as so many are already prepared for us. It seems impossible that a roast can be cooked in just seven minutes, if you are a Costco fan, but it can.

Now, the question is, what are you doing with this extra time? Are you doing what was intended; to bring about freedom so there is more time to connect with your children, your partners, your family or friends? Or did you just fill up your time with more hard work, sacrificing yourself and your health. Or are you having fun?

If you are one of those people that did not take advantage of freedom's gift to you, more time to connect, here's a relationship tip for you this month. Learn how to have a heart orgasm? What surely you must mean "have a sexual orgasm?" No, I said, "heart orgasm", but I would tell you if you haven't taken the time to become really attuned and opened up your sexuality, the concept of a heart orgasm could indeed seem a bit strange.

But let's be Aquarius, and look at sex from a scientific reasoning viewpoint, what's one of sex's primary purposes? Besides the sexual release, it's to connect. Someone who has surrendered to the magic of sex, knows the power of connecting, and has carried the ability to connect in many other areas.

Emotionally, if you really connect with a person, get past all the resistance and indeed make a heart connection, that's a heart orgasm. And, just like physical sex, the more adept you get at getting into that intimate heartfelt connection, the less time it takes. Let's stay with the sex analogy, if you are not very proficient at emotional foreplay, it can take hours at dinner, copious amounts of wine, until you get really connected and want to surrender.

Here are some tips:

1. Put your focus on your partner, your child, your parent or whoever you are getting ready to meet. No one else in the world exists for you. That means put up your cell phone while you are preparing for this heart encounter.

2. Now put your attention on what you really like or love about this person. Don't succumb to how bad it all is, the hurts, and the upsets; that's just your resistance. Set the stage for you emotionally. This is your emotional foreplay.

3. Now ponder what is it about you that the person would want to connect with if the person could get through your resistance also. This is one of your best qualities that you've shown to the person like: love, acceptance, caring, nurturing, courage; hopefully you have a long list to choose from.

4. Now, with a smile on your face which is always contagious, knock on the door and keep on smiling.

5. If the person meets you with an upset, hurts, bad day type attitude, don't take it personal. Maybe the person isn't great at heart sex and didn't prepare for you emotionally. After all, you could be just learning yourself.

6. If appropriate, touch the person; connect physically but then back up, give the person space.

7. Say something like. "I was thinking of you before I got here and you know one of the qualities you have that really endears me is (fill in the blanks). Pause in order to let it sink in.

8. Then say, "Let's really have a good time with each other; really enjoy each other (Now you are setting the stage emotionally with the other person).

9. Then, whether you say anything out loud or not, really love that person. You'll have the heart orgasm, and just maybe, the other person will also.

And when that happens, just like physical sex, you're full and don't need more right then. Neither does the other person.

During Aquarius, why not become a master of connecting, heart wise and fill yourself up with emotional and heart orgasms with every person you encounter. It's fun and it's truly the purpose of freedom, more connection. Even the Berlin Wall went down for one purpose, so the people that were separated could connect with each other.

Here's to abundance of heart orgasms!

Relationship Tips For Men - How to Ask Her Out on a Date

You've been talking to a specific women here and there and now, you are ready to ask her out. Actually, you are not sure if you are ready, but you want to make sure that you go about it the right way if you do muster up the courage to ask her out on a date. How should you ask her out on a date?

If you are looking to get into a relationship with a woman, you have to keep in mind that how you start out with her will have a big impact on whether things work out down the road or not. So, when you ask her out on a date, you want to make the best impression possible.

Here are 3 relationship tips to help you ask her out on a date:

1. Don't hesitate for too long. When you get the feeling that you really want to take her out on a date, you have to go with that feeling. Too many guys will try and wait for the 'perfect' time, only to find out that they end up missing their chance. You cannot hesitate to ask her out on a date if you want to be successful in wooing her.

2. Ask her out in person if you can. While you can use the old standby of the phone or the more modern way of using an e-mail to ask her out, in person will always be your best bet. Most women feel that they would much rather be asked out on a date in person than by any other way.

3. Make sure she knows it's a date and not just hanging out. If you just ask her to hang out with you, you might get disappointed when you realize she only thinks of you as a friend. When you ask her out on a date, be sure to be clear that it is a date and not just two friends hanging out.

Relationship Advice - Long Distance Relationship Tips

While one of my closest friends was in a long distance relationship, I found out that there are many things that you need to do in order for it to survive. This is because they are so difficult to manage. Later in this article I go over the tips which I gave my friend when he was going through rough patches. Do not let the looks of it make you think it is simple because it really is not. However, with the right amount of discipline and effort you will be able to make things work. If I am not mistaken it is in your interest to make things work so you can get what you want out of your distance relationship. Absorb the informational long distance tips below to give yourself the advice you need to jump and clear over this hurdle in your relationship.

Always have a plan to meet each other.

  • The most important thing to do when you are in a long distance relationship is to have a plan to meet each other.
  • This will benefit both of you so you can get back up to date on things that are going on in each of your lives when you are not together.
  • When you are away from your partner for a long period of time you feel lonely a lot. Having this planned time to meet each other is a good way to keep the hope and spirit alive within the two of you.
Write e-mails and letters to each other frequently.
  • This keeps the communication solid between the two of you. I know you can call each other a lot too but writing to each other actually is really important too.
  • Writing shows your partner that you are always thinking about them by actively writing them in your free time.
  • There is only so much you can do for your partner in a long distance relationship and taking advantage of communicating with them through emails or letters is a great way to keep you up to date on each others lives.
Whatever you do take this advice - (Long Distance Relationship) - does not mean that it is alright to not care and take things lightly because your partner is not around.
  • Treat your boyfriend or your girlfriend like they are your boyfriend or your girlfriend no matter where they are in the world.
  • Have fun with your friends but do not forget that you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Think about what they would be thinking if they were with you at all times.
  • Send each other presents on a regular basis. This does not mean you need to go spend a small fortune on each other, but it simply means maybe take a picture of the two of you and frame it. Then send it to your partner.

Relationship Tips For Men

In many relationships, men are responsible for a disastrous end to the relationship. They do not realize that they are making mistakes until the things become worse and then there is no way out. The men need to understand this in order to save their relationships. Here are some of the tips for the men. If they can follow these tips then they can definitely save their relationship.

The very first thing that the men need to do is to remain confident and to be what they are. They are the men and that is how they should always act. Don't take me wrong but the men are not only about their ego. They have a lot more than that. They have to take the responsibilities and have to come up with the solutions to the problems which the relationship is getting into. They will also have to become the leader and will have to do the good things in order to show the partner how the relationship can still be saved. If the men can do this, the woman will definitely follow them and there will be a happier relationship.

Always take out the time to talk to your partner. Listen to her when you are together. Generally the men lack the ability to be good listeners which causes many problems. The time is also of essence here. If you can not take the time out from your job and the outdoor life, then you should not expect to live a happy life with your partner. It is natural that your partner demands time from you and you will have to find a way to dedicate certain hours of the day to your partner.

Always appreciate her for the good things that she is doing. Make sure that you do tell her often that she is beautiful and that she means a lot to you. At times you will have to show it as well. So do not become self centered and make sure that you are watching and appreciating your partner. If you are doing that, then you will live a happy life and there will be lesser problems and issues to solve in the relationship.

The last thing which you will have to do is to find the things which interest your women. Then try to read about these things and start talking to your women about them. If you do that, she will definitely like it and will understand that you do actually care about her. This will help you to make her happier and hence your relationship will flourish.