Dating Relationship Tips to Help Make Her Laugh

When a guy meets that perfect girl many things will go through his mind. Most guys will think about how to make that dream girl into their girlfriend. As he is thinking about this, many things may come to mind, negative things that only bring him down. He may think about his car, his clothes, and his thinning hair. Many physical things may come into mind. But how about the ability to entertain her and keep her feeling comfortable. A good sense of humor may be one of the most understated qualities in the dating world,

Every girl has a desire to play around and to have fun. If you are able to let her have that, you will have it made. What is it though that makes a woman laugh; this is the thing that must be determined as all women are different. Is it your funny behavior, your animated actions or just the way you talk? There are some basic things to think about in that area and they must be approached with caution. You want to come across as funny but not silly as then you will certainly lose respect. Its great to make her laugh and be entertained but to be just a funny person is not the goal.

To be a funny person is like being a buddy or a friend, and if you fall into that area then you are going to have a hard time getting out of that spot. Once a relationship is established you want to be friends as well as more than that, but to start out as friends, the romantic fire is seriously at risk.

Some people think that making a woman laugh is not something that can be predicted or planned for as women all have a different style and sense of humor. To a certain extent this is true; however techniques can be learned that will help you. For example, you can set up a situation where the woman is lead to follow an improper conclusion and then suddenly revealing the "right answer" to generate a feeling of "Oh I should have known".

You can show her your reaction to a situation that is both masculine and yet silly. This projects the feeling of being fun but at the same time, a man who is in control. The science of making women laugh is something that you could actually master and learn. It has many other benefits; it will make you more popular with people at the professional or personal level.