Relationship Tip - Make a Date With Your Genie to Grant Your Every Wish For Greater Love & Happiness

Are you enjoying a passionate, inspiring relationship? Do you have a wish-list of ways you could experience more love and happiness with your intimate partner? Get out your wish list and make a date with your personal Genie to grant your every wish to spark up your relationship. This is not a magical pipe dream. This is a real plan to help you realize your relationship dreams when you make your Genie date.

How do you make a Genie Date? It's easier than you imagine. It's not the Genie in a bottle whom you conjure up on a whim to grant your every wish. It's not the typical dinner and a movie kind of date, either.

In our scenario, your personal Genie is your intimate partner-husband, wife, date, mate. One day each week, you will become a Genie who grants your partner's greatest wish for your relationship for one full day.

Another day each week, your partner will become your Genie who makes your relationship dreams come true for 24 hours.

Are you groaning or giggling at this silly notion? Are you excited by the magical possibilities of weekly Genie dates to transform your relationship? Quantum physics tells us that your dominant feeling wins. Are you feeling inspired to make your Genie Date? Great!

How can you add a spirit of fun to your invitation?

By all means, avoid placing blame or criticism for weaknesses or blocks to loving. When you see each other through the eyes of a Genie one day each week, you will be delighted to grant wishes that enhance your mutual fulfillment and intimate bliss.

Are there any guidelines in making your wishes for Genie to grant?

There are only two guidelines: Your wish may not cause any harm and it may not require cash, charge card or wrapping paper to fulfill. That is why I call it a Heart Wish.

When your partner makes a Heart Wish, as Genie you will reply, "Your wish is my pleasure."

Creative wishes will be rewarded with mutual delight!

Would you like some possible Heart Wishes to get you started?

Here are 20 ideas--some are fun and flirtatious; others will help you break through your blocks to experiencing a blissful relationship:

1. Act with kindness and express your thanks for each act of kindness you receive for one full day 2. Listen more closely and talk less on your Genie date 3. Pursue your partner's favorite interest, hobby, outing together on your date 4. Avoid whining, criticism, and any form of negativity for one full day 5. Live in the moment and avoid mentioning the past or future for one day 6. Try something new on your Genie date 7. Ask about your partner's big dream; take action on it as a team 8. Fulfill each promise you make for one day 9. Ask what you can do to improve your relationship, and do it for one day 10. Don't talk about yourself unless you are asked for one day. Instead, ask about your partner's feelings, goals, disappointments, greatest achievements. 11. Make more deposits than withdrawals in your love bank for one day 12. Tuck away your charge cards and live below your means for one day 13. Help with home care duties for one day to lighten the load 14. Answer every question truthfully for one day and face the consequences 15. Ask what little things you can do to make your partner happy & do them happily 16. Ask if you're making unrealistic expectations on your partner, listen to the answer and be awake to reality for one full day 17. Ask how your partner may have grown or changed in ways you may not have noticed. Celebrate these changes on your Genie date. 18. Share a dark secret that may have blocked your freedom to love and the block may disappear in daylight 19. Apologize for things you did or neglected to do that hurt your partner and then ask for forgiveness. 20. Spend your day smiling, laughing, delighting in each other's company as you did when you first met.

What other Heart Wishes will you ask your personal Genie to grant for 24 hours? How do you feel about granting or receiving wishes on your Genie Date?

Did you know that when you repeat a new behavior every day for a month, it becomes a new habit?

Seeing and being seen through Genie's eyes for 24 hours just might become a habit that sparks up your relationship with greater love and happiness everyday.

Are you seeking an inexpensive yet priceless way to celebrate Valentine's Day?

You still have time to make a Genie Date with your special date for Valentine's Day. Can you think of a better way to say, I Love You, than granting the Heart Wish of your date or mate?