Committed Relationships - Tips For Getting Where You Would Like to Be

Marriage tips that can help any relationship are below, however, you must know that tips are only that, you and your partner have to work to make your marriage a good one. Here are a few questions you can ask each other that can make your relationship better or point you in a more positive direction.

What are three things that drew you into your relationship? Maybe you fell in love with each other because s/he has a way with words - 'you are so much fun to be with' or 'you have the most beautiful smile, it lights up the room when you enter.

Maybe it was because you exude a powerful image - you have a plan, you know where you want to go and how you're going to get there. You are self-assured.

A few things that can be of a lot of help:

  1. Attend to your spouse's needs
  2. Find a balance between work and leisure time
  3. You don't always have to put your kids first
  4. You aren't competing so don't keep score
  5. Understand what each of you really want out of your marriage

Both of you might make a list of three to five things you want to accomplish in the next six months; the next six years - vacations you'd like to take or a personal aspiration - you need to complete your master's degree program. Take some time to discuss your goals and map out a plan that will help each of you realize your dreams. Review your lists often to see that you are both still on track.

If you didn't know before, here are a few questions that give a lot of insight and are fun to know:

  • "What do you think is the secret to having a good life?"
  • "What do you think is good about our marriage?"
  • "What do you value most in life?"

Questions help you focus on each other and expose ways of appreciating and improving your marriage.

To help a good relationship become 'great,' you should be working together - a one person "fix-it program" won't work, it's just not enough. Sit down and sort out your dreams and goals; work out enjoyable experiences that will strengthen what goes on between you.

Above all, remember, you were looking for love because you want to be loved; you like attention coming our way, and to be deemed desirable a lot of affection will and usually does assure that you are. Be understanding to be understood and appreciate each other, always.